5 Tips for Self-Isolating for Extroverts

5 Tips for Self-Isolating for Extroverts

Do you tend to feel recharged and inspired after you've spent time with other people? Extroverts most often find social interaction refreshing and energizing.

When extroverts spend a lot of time alone, they often begin to feel uninspired and lethargic. With the mandatory closing of gyms, studios, bars, restaurants and the cancellation of events, the outside social world has come to a screeching halt amid Covid-19. 

As an extrovert, I am experiencing a range of emotions as I try to navigate self-isolation and the ‘new normal’. Having to adjust your life so abruptly can be jarring, but here are 5 tips that have helped me socialize from a distance:

1. Schedule video chats with friends and family

FaceTime, Zoom and Skype are great tools to stay connected during social distancing. Being able to chat face to face in real time on screen makes conversation feel so much more dynamic. My friends and I have started a book club, which gives me something to do at home in my unplug time and a new topic for us to chat about every week.

2. Get fresh air

Self-Isolation doesn’t necessarily mean staying inside your house. As long as you are maintaining six feet of space between others, you can go for a run, walk or even sitting on your balcony will make a big difference. Fresh air fills our lungs and can recharge our minds, helping us to regroup and see the big picture. The weather is also getting warmer with spring on the horizon, so soak up that Vitamin D!

3. Have a Routine

Establishing a routine with structure can make a huge improvement in an extrovert's spirits during social distancing. Consistency and stability is comforting, so figuring out a schedule that works the best for you and sticking to it will increase morale. Even small things like setting a regular sleep and wake up time, getting dressed to work from home and consistent meal times will help. I have made a calendar to schedule my calls with friends and family, for my yoga and workouts and for self-care.

4. Join an online community

There are so many amazing online communities, whether your thing is fitness, reading, wine, cooking, beauty, wellness, gaming… It could be hopping in an interactive online conversation or doing an instructors live Instagram class, but it’s a fun way to keep up with your interests and hobbies!

5. Find a project

Extroverts require more attention and stimulation compared to introverts, so finding a new project will help to keep you engaged. Some enjoyable activities that you can do solo are: puzzles, colouring, cooking and crafts. If you don’t already have one, I suggest creating a Pinterest account. A great platform to explore ideas and DIY activities!


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