F*ck Your Resolutions: Experts on Setting Intentions

2020 was a rough year for everyone. If there’s anything we learned, it’s that resolutions can go out the window really fast in a global pandemic. If you set resolutions for 2021 and they’re not going as planned, that’s okay. It’s more important than ever to approach this year consciously. We’re all for committing to lifestyle changes, but the pressure to follow through 100% with big and long-term resolutions can lead to a downward spiral. Try setting daily intentions instead.

What is an intention?

An intention is a powerful and purposeful phrase that helps guide your choices for the day. In short, you are pairing an action with a quality or core value. By setting your intention for the day, you are more likely to tap into your self-awareness and make conscious choices.

What's the difference between a resolution and an intention?

Resolutions are outcome oriented. Intentions are process oriented. The objective of an intention is not to have a big goal to work towards or an elimination of something, which is often what we do when creating resolutions. Instead, intentions are a way to go about bringing positivity to the process ie. “I want to feel energized with foods that nourish my body”. Intentions are a declaration of how you want to show up for yourself, regardless of what’s happening in the world that cannot be controlled (like a pandemic).

Here are some fill in the blank intentions to get you started.

Stay healthy, stay grateful and stay conscious :)