Goodbye SnackBomb

Goodbye SnackBomb

Since 2018, we’ve sold over 500,000 energy balls. WOW!!

We’ve shipped to thousands of consumers across the U.S. and Canada. SnackBombs are available at hundreds of retailers.


We’ve met you (IRL and online), listened to your feedback, made improvements, got you more snacks, listened to more feedback, all because of one intention; to serve you in making the best possible tasting snack that truly kills hunger.


The truth is, we could have done better. We created something that was good, but not Holy $h!# good. We are living up to that.


Now it’s time for us to deliver. We’re taking all your feedback and insights and reformulating our snacks, completely. You’ve asked us for more protein, less sugar and of course… more chocolate. You’ve asked for decadent flavours that still deliver long lasting energy.


You asked, we’ve listened.


A whole new snack is coming your way and we are meeting every request in one incredible product.


We’ll be sad to see our current SnackBombs go, but we’re already working around the clock to get you the best snack ever by the end of January. 


As of November 30th, SnackBombs as you know them will be removed from our site and we will not be shipping any new orders.


Your support, online and in stores, has meant the world to us. Truly! It’s allowed us to build SnackConscious while supporting our struggling communities, through product and financial donations


We are grateful for you, you’ve inspired us, now we are going to knock your socks off. Seriously! You won’t be disappointed, we have something quite incredible up our sleeves.


We’ll be in touch on email and Instagram to keep you in the loop with sneak peeks leading up to January. 


If you have any questions, or want to share your feedback or ideas with us, please email us, &


In gratitude, 

Craig & Shannon

Co-Founders, SnackConscious

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